We loved pink when we were kids, and now people scoff at it.

    "Pink is too girly" they say.

    Well I love being a girl, and I see no fault in the color pink.

    If only others could have the sexism censor I do, more would be disgusted at the unappreciation of a lovely gender.

    Call me crazy, but Feminism is fantastic.

    It isn’t at all about manipulating men,

    it’s about encouraging equality.

    So wear some pink once in a while.

    We walk as the leaves sit,
    scattered, and unintentionally,
    on the mellow earth.
    They whimper under our steps
    then return to a useless silence,
    forever detached from their origin.

    Above us the sky sits idly and infinitely;
    The clouds float,
    The sun shines,
    The blue blankets.
    And though we remain small and insignificant,
    Our mind ponders,
    Our heart thumps,
    Our bodies breath.

    And our silence lingers,
    Assembled and intentional,
    forever throughout our origin.

    Creating beauty.

    Letting it pour through my eyes.

    "It’s supernatural delight…everybody was dancing in the moonlight"

    "The world is dipped in delicate dreams"



    Sitting in a rusty sphere,

    a minuscule globe sitting in a massive globe,

    content releasing hearts into song

    and comfortable in complete complacency.



    Battles between earth and sky,

    Tragic stories of survival,

    and the constant cold,

    killing senses,

    and feeding feeling.



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    Soaring above everything you’re not and everything you’re supposed to be.

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